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In the working plot the wood is sorted by

5,5 — 6 meters and bucked by species.

Wood of the following types and species is offered from the warehouse in Chagoda:

Sawlog Pine, Spruce, grade 1,2 (diameter from 16 cm.)
Sawlog Pine, Spruce, grade 3 (diameter from 16 cm.)
Sawlog Pine, Spruce, grade 1,2 (forest thinners 11-15,99)
Pine Balance (diameter from 7 cm.)
Spruce Balance (diameter from 7 cm.)
Birch Balance (diameter from 7 cm.)
Aspen Balance (diameter from 7 cm.)
Birch Peeler log (diameter from 18 cm.)

Reference information


Saw log is a straight log with natural moisture content, suitable for sawing lumber. The logs from 14to 45 cm in diameter are called saw log, for coniferous types the length should be from 3,0 to 6,5 m. (State standard specification 9463-88), for deciduous – from 1,0 to 6,0 meters (State standard specification 9462-88). In plain language, it is round wood, brought by a log truck to the sawmill, from which you can to saw beams or planks.

The bottom part of a tree (generally birch) is called peeler log – this is plywood stock. It is cut into thin veneer sheets 1.5-2 mm thick. This must be very sound wood, free of knots, with the diameter greater than 20 cm and less than 35 cm. – approximately 5—6 meters of a 30-meter tree. The rest goes to the chips or the balance.


The upper part of a tree or the curved logs from which it is impossible to saw a high-quality straight plank, is called the balance. Balance usually goes to cellulose plants, or is split into chips for later use.