The company provides the following assortments of pine:pine logs

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  • Sawlog  grade 1, 2, 3 – d from 16 cm.
  • Sawlog forest thinners – d from 11 to 15,99 cm.
  • Balances – d from 7 cm.


Pine is a coniferous tree reaching the height of 35 m and the diameter of 60 cm. The average age of felling is 110 years. Pine wood has high density, good resistance to rotting and high strength. Good viscosity and moderate susceptibility to warping are also positive characteristics of the wood. Pine comes to the market in the form of round timber, plank timber and veneer, besides that, it is used for production of artificial wood materials such as plywood and a chipboard with high content of pine. Another sphere of the use of pine is production of paper and cellulose.

Pine is marketed in the form of logs, lumber and veneer, in addition it is used for the manufacture of artificial materials of wood, such as plywood and chipboard with high pine trees.

Another area is the use of pine production of paper and pulp.