Forests are natural assets of the Vologda region

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Vologda forest

The Vologda region is among the richest in woods in Russia. Most (81%) of its area is forested. The total stand of timber amounts to1609 million cubic meters, which includes 843 million cubic meters of coniferous plantings.

Predominantly all the forests are of natural origin, which means that there has been no human intervention and the forest can be considered ecologically clean.

The quality of the wood

Wood Vologda forestsIt is commonly known that the quality of wood depends on the place of growth. In the northern regions (such as the Vologda region) the climate is more severe than in the south, the colder the weather is – the harder it is to grow, therefore the plants have to adapt to this kind of weather in order to survive. With the beginning of cold weather the growth of the trees stops, therefore in the northern forests they grow slowly – only during the short summer period. The annual rings of these trees are very narrow, about 1 millimeter per year, and the fibers are in contact with each other, that considerably affects the properties of the wood.

Such wood is fine-grained, which explains its strength, elasticity, flexibility, and precious texture. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the building materials of the Vologda timber are not afraid of temperature jumps, and they are hardly prone to deformation. The northern forest possesses high density, and, therefore, the products manufactured from it are characterized by the increased periods of use and storage.
That forest in the Vologda region this is one of its main natural assets, the forest and wood processing industry is one of its most important branches. The wood of the Vologda forests is very much valued in the world market as well. As far back as at the time of Ivan the Terrible such wood was exported to England and under Peter the Vologda forest became the basis of the Russian navy construction.

Our company “Chagnar” LLC carries out logging in the territory of the Vologda region in the Chagoda district. We log as much wood as it is needed for a continuous year-round production process. Our customers are various woodworking enterprises of the north-west of Russia.