The Paris summit

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Парижский саммит

Paris hosted the summit where the representatives of 196 states met. The subject of protection from global climate changes was discussed in it.
It became recognized that the leading cause of global warming is carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, formed as a result of human activity.

As a result of the summit there was adopted a new climate agreement, which determines the rate of greenhouse gas emissions after 2020, and measures to prevent climate change. The agreement will be signed on April 24, 2016 in New York City.

At the conference, the President of Russia V.V. Putin stated that the forests of Russia play important role in reducing greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere and by 2030 it was planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% of 1990 level.

The impact of forests

It is common knowledge that the forests with the help of the process of photosynthesis can collect and absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and various greenhouse gases, thus maintaining the ecosystem in balance. But because of the large areas of logging, forest aging, various natural disasters (spruces), as well as the decrease (compared to 1990) of artificial forest regeneration (from 1.8 million hectares to 0.8 million hectares per year), the number of forests reduced, which influenced the increase of polluted discharges into air.

Such measures as forest protection, as well as active regeneration of forests and their sustainable use are the most effective against global climate change.