Interesting facts about forest

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Forest is not only our inestimable wealth, but it is also associated with a lot of interesting facts.необычный лес


It is known for:

  • The most forested country in the world, which is covered by 70% of forest, is Finland.
  • And in its turn, the territory of forest land of Great Britain is only 6 %
  • The largest forest is concentrated in the Siberian taiga.
  • Russian Forests cover 22% of the Earth’s total forest area.
  • 82% of the cut forests have the ability for natural self-recovery or can be recovered with the help of people.
  • One person would have about 60 trees if all the trees on earth were divided by all people.
  • Through trees the greenhouse effect is reduced by 20%.
  • For 1 hour 1 ha of forest can process such amount of carbon dioxide, which is exhaled by 200 people during 1 hour.
  • One tree in a year:
    • Produces up to 700 kg. of oxygen
    • Isolates 33 kg. of carbon
    • Neutralizes 80 kg. of repugnant substances
    • Filters 100t/cbm. of air
    • It is able to reduce the temperature around it by 4 degrees Celsius.
  • In Lithuania grows the oldest tree “Old man”, which is 2000 years old.
  • The tallest tree is the evergreen sequoia. Its reaches 112 meters in height. Grows in US California.
  • Iron birch is considered the hardest wood, since it is impossible to cut the wood with an ax or break through bullet.