Dancing forest

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танцующий лесIn Russia there is a place of paramount interest located in the Kaliningrad region on the Curonian Spit, it is called “Dancing forest”.

In this forest on the territory of no more than one square kilometer grow amazing pines, the trunks of which are twisted, bent, and some are bound or curled into a ring.

All this creates the impression that they are dancing, hence the name “Dancing forest”. There is a clear boundary between the “Dancing forest” and the “Normal”. The scientists have not still found out the precise reason why in this area the pines have such fanciful shape of trunks.

But there are several versions, such as: due to the damage of fresh shoots of pine by leaf roller butterfly caterpillars; due to the impact of strong winds or geomagnetic fields.

Many superstitions and legends are related to this place, therefore the “Dancing forest” is one of the most visited by tourists.

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